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Carey Infrastructure, Project Development and Project Finance

Infrastructure, Project Development and Project Finance

Carey has extensive experience in the development, financing and execution of all types of projects including energy infrastructure (thermoelectric, hydroelectric, oil and gas, wind, photovoltaic, biomass and other renewables), mining, roadways, hospitals or medical centers, telecommunications networks, industrial, port and airport infrastructure, concessions, and housing and hospitality services.

Carey’s Infrastructure, Project Development and Project Finance practice has ample expertise in the local market and a sophisticated industry knowledge, which enables us to manage the complexities and mitigate the risks of large projects, by working closely with different practice and sub-practice areas within our firm, such as M&A, project finance, energy regulation, engineering and construction, public works concessions, real estate, water rights, natural resources, tax, labor, litigation and bankruptcy, and international trade.

The practice also includes advice on asset management, restructuring, portfolio securitization, refinancing and risk mitigation strategies.