Telecommunications, Media and Technology

Aware that in this fast-paced information age, companies must adapt quickly, or risk disappearing, Carey provides comprehensive legal, commercial, practical and innovative support to its TMT clients. Developments in telecommunications, media and technology have opened the door for a whole new scope of legal challenges.

Carey specializes in all matters related to telecommunications, media and technology projects and services, including technology contracting, net neutrality, the Internet of Things (IoT), online content transmission (OTT), online platforms, cloud technologies, robotics, blockchains, smart contracts, algorithms and artificial intelligence.

The firm has extensive regulation experience including advice on implementing new technologies and software that integrate communications through devices and infrastructure, such as antennas, cables and fiber optics, satellites, mobile phones, radios, servers and tactical technologies, among others.

In addition, Carey has experience in procedures to obtain concessions, licenses and permits for telecommunications services, their amendments and cancellation. This includes mobile and fixed communications, telecommunications infrastructure, satellite services, data transmission, radio communications, M2M, VoIP, link concentration, long distance communications, radio, open television, digital and cable television, broadcasting, etc. Carey also has broad experience in representing TMT clients before the government regulatory authorities, in the filing of applications to obtain equipment, devices and technology certification, and in the drafting and negotiation of interconnection agreements among operators.

In regard to technology contracting, Carey advises its clients on software licensing and implementation, electronic signature, e-commerce platforms, open source licensing and contracting under agile development methodologies.

Carey’s media practice focuses on transactions in the entertainment industry, generation, and publication of content. The firm has in-depth knowledge on both the Chilean regulation of the relevant forms of content (traditional and disruptive), as well as regulations applicable to the infrastructure through which this content is transmitted.

Finally, jointly with Carey’s antitrust and litigation practices, the firm advises TMT clients on all matters related to free competition in the relevant markets and on any conflicts and/or proceedings which involve the government regulatory authorities and/or may arise among the operators.


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