Compliance and Anti-Corruption

Carey represents foreign and local companies on corporate compliance regarding anti-corruption and criminal liability of legal entities. The team addresses corporate governance requirements and advises on policies, programs, preventive models, due diligence, contractual clauses and internal investigations, all in accordance with local legislation and standards, as well as with certain foreign laws and regulations, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act.

The firm assists clients with the design, review and implementation of codes of conduct and compliance programs, including training in all matters relating to control and prevention of violations to Law No. 20,393 on criminal liability of legal entities.

The team performs compliance due diligence analyses of companies, assets, distributors, advisors and third parties. It also drafts and negotiates compliance and anti-corruption clauses and contractual controls, and it plans, supervises and conducts internal investigations in matters related to compliance.


Silva, Rebeca Aldoney, Rodrigo Senior Counsel
Silva, Rebeca Albertz, Pablo Associate
Silva, Rebeca Pavez, Pablo Associate
Silva, Rebeca Gatica, Matías Associate
Silva, Rebeca Silva, Rebeca Associate
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