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As a response to the dynamism in the strategic commercial liaison between Chile and China, the growing investment of companies from the Asian giant in Latin America, and the need to have a team familiar with the particularities of the Chinese business culture and language, Carey set up a China Desk.

Carey has vast experience, both advising Chinese companies in their investments in Chile and Latin Americaand in managing, coordinating, and leading advisory counselling to clients who wish to venture into the Chinese market. Carey works with the most renowned local law firms, which enables its clients to access top quality legal services pursuant to the best international standards, throughout China.

To make advisory services easier for Chinese companies in their operations in Latin America, while at the same time for Latin American companies in their investments in China, Carey set up, in 2016, the business consultancy firm Carey Business Consultancy (Shanghai) Limited*, in the city of Shanghai, China, thus becoming the sole full-service Chilean firm physically present in the Asian country.

Through Carey Business Consultancy (Shanghai) Limited, Carey also conducts market surveys, and renders advisory services to enter China, such as commercial representation, fundraising or search of strategic partners, among other activities associated to business consultancy.

* Carey Business Consultancy (Shanghai) Limited is a subsidiary of Carey rendering consultancy services in China, and is not authorized to practice Chinese law


Carey Business Consultancy (Shanghai) Ltd.
20/F, HKRI Center Tower I
288 Shimen 1 Road, Shanghai 200041, P.R. China /

practice areas

Carey has vast experience providing advise to multinational companies in their investments abroad, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, project development and financing, tax aspects, compliance with labor and environmental law, and in civil, commercial, criminal, labor, and antitrust areas, among others.


Through its China Desk, Carey has provided advise to some of the main Chinese commercial and development banks (policy banks) in their operations in Chile; to a great number of power generation state-owned and private companies in the acquisition and development of projects, as well as in attaining permits; to various Chinese mining companies; to infrastructure and agribusiness companies, among others. Also, Carey has provided advise to various LATAM companies in their entry to the Chinese market in industries such as forestry, technology, power, agribusiness, and manufacture of home products, among others.


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