Food and Beverage

Carey has extensive experience representing local and international companies from the food and beverage industry, regarding matters related to the regulation applicable to these products in Chile. The firm's multidisciplinary team advises clients on food regulation matters, consolidating its expertise in the regulatory framework that governs this industry with consumer protection, industrial property, corporate strategies and mergers and acquisitions that may arise during its operation activities.

In the area of food and beverage regulation, the firm provides technical and legal advice to companies on the review of food formulas, food supplements, nutritional products, product labeling, advertising, and promotional material, with an emphasis on the use of nutritional and health claims. The firm also advises on the control regimes applicable to different types of products before health authorities and represents its clients in administrative procedures, including sanitary summaries and sanitary authorization processes for the importation and commercialization of products in Chile.

Additionally, Carey advises on licensing, research and development of food products, their trademark registration and litigation, preparation of terms and conditions, recalls, licensing and franchising, distribution agreements, data privacy and protection of food technologies.


Péndola, Javiera Suárez, Camila Associate
Péndola, Javiera Del Río, Alejandra Regulatory Affairs Manager
Péndola, Javiera Péndola, Javiera Patent and Regulatory Affairs Specialist
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