Direct Sales

Carey has extensive experience advising clients on the direct selling industry, a business in which companies distribute and sell products and services through independent representatives, under a “person-to-person” sales mechanism, also known as “door to door sales”.

From large multinationals to small companies, this distribution and marketing system offers products and services as varied as food, cosmetics, jewelry, kitchen utensils, cleaning products, cell phones, insurances, among many others.

Carey has advised a wide range of clients in this area, whether they are local or foreign, addressing all kinds of commercial and regulatory issues specific to this industry, such as the structure of distribution and sales systems (among which are both “single” and “multi-level” systems), authorizations and product registrations, tax analysis regarding income plans or compensation of independent representatives, etc. This practice integrates services from different areas of the firm, such as Corporate Law, International Trade and Customs, Consumer Law and Advertising, Tax Law, Regulatory and Pharmaceutical Law, etc., seeking to satisfy all the essential needs of companies operating under this attractive distribution and marketing system.


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