Intellectual Property

The protection of intangible assets has become one of the most critical legal areas as companies continue to expand and protect their technologies, brands, products, data, and services.

Carey, a market leader in Intellectual Property matters in Chile, provides strategic, commercial and litigation advice to a wide range of companies in the energy, infrastructure, mining, transportation, technology, life sciences, and healthcare sectors.

The Intellectual Property group advises clients with a multidisciplinary approach, identifying and protecting their intellectual property rights at each stage of the innovation lifecycle.

The vast majority of the team’s lawyers have specialized studies in IP, both in Chile and abroad. The same applies to patent specialists who have advanced scientific degrees, which they combine with a deep and technical knowledge of the industry. The group works closely with Carey's litigation and public law departments.


Rivera, Lorena Fuentes, Jorge Director – IP/IT
Rivera, Lorena Encalada, Carla Associate
Rivera, Lorena Mohor, Elías Associate
Rivera, Lorena Jara, Sebastián Associate
Rivera, Lorena Hara, Kureusa Associate
Rivera, Lorena Baeza, Stefani Associate
Rivera, Lorena Reveco, Eduardo Associate
Rivera, Lorena Jadresic, Tomás Associate
Rivera, Lorena Del Real, Josefa Associate
Rivera, Lorena Gatica, Jorge Associate
Rivera, Lorena Guzmán, Mariana Associate
Rivera, Lorena Meleda, Iván Associate
Rivera, Lorena Flores, Tomás Senior Patent Specialist
Rivera, Lorena Hinojosa, Juan Francisco Patent Specialist
Rivera, Lorena Montes, Mario Patent Specialist
Rivera, Lorena Olivares, Gabriela Patent Specialist
Rivera, Lorena Rivera, Lorena Patent Specialist
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