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His practice focuses on consumer and advertising legislation, including digital marketing, product safety, recalls, adhesion contracts and e-commerce platforms. Additionally, his general practice includes the representation and defense of companies before actions to protect collective or diffuse and individual interest, as well as the exercise of faculties and attributions of the National Consumer Service (SERNAC), such as inspection procedures, information requirements, summons to legal representatives and/or officials, collective voluntary procedures, claim procedures, among others. Likewise, his practice includes the analysis of advertising campaigns, signage and labeling of products, as well as the presentation and defense of ethical claims, appeals and motions for contempt before the Self-Regulation and Advertising Ethics Council (CONAR) and the Advertising Ethics Tribunal.


  • WOM on its defense and subsequent conciliation agreement with a consumer association that terminated a class action brought in relation to certain advertising pieces.
  • Grünenthal and its Chilean subsidiaries, Laboratorios Silesia and Andrómaco on their defense in two collective actions for the collective and diffuse interest brought by a consumer association for alleged responsibility for defective contraceptives.
  • Blanco y Negro on their defense in a collective action brought by a consumer association in relation to the suspension of televised sporting events.
  • A health insurance company on its defense in a collective action brought by a consumer association.
  • Iansagro (LDA SpA) on successful product recall processes, representation in a collective voluntary procedure before SERNAC, whose agreement was judicially approved, and on its defense against individual actions and its protection of collective and diffuse interest.
  • Various retail companies on their defense against legal actions brought by consumers and/or the consumer protection authority, inspection procedures and information requirements from SERNAC and/or the sectoral authority, as well as the implementation of standards consumer protection regulations in their sales in physical and electronic stores.
  • Various multinational companies on the presentation and/or defense of ethical claims for advertising pieces that compromise the Chilean Code of Advertising Ethics before CONAR, as well as the filing and defense of appeals before the Court of Advertising Ethics.
  • A multinational cosmetic products company on its successful defense based on the inapplicability of the Consumer Protection Law and Law No. 20,416 (SME Statute).


  • Academic expert in Consumer Law on the Board of the Competitive Fund of Consumer Associations, appointed by Director of the National Consumer Service - SERNAC (since 2023).
  • Professor of Consumer Law, Universidad Central de Chile (since 2023).
  • Executive Coordinator of the Degree in Consumer Law, Universidad de Chile (since 2022).
  • Teaching Assistant of Consumer Law, Universidad de Chile (since 2021).
  • Teaching Assistant of Civil Law, Universidad de Chile (since 2014).


  • Co-author of the article "Compliance plans in the Consumer Protection Law", GPS Consumo. Professional Guide, Tirant lo Blanch (2022).
  • Co-author of the article "About the terms and conditions in electronic contracting based on the imbalance in the rights and obligations of the parties", Revista Chilena de Derecho Privado, Fernando Fueyo Laneri Foundation (2022).
  • Co- author of the book "The Law of Advertising in Chile", Tirant lo Blanch (2021).
  • Author of the article “Disputes of a private nature between suppliers that the Consumer Law cannot and should not settle”, Revista de Derecho, Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (2020).
  • Author of the article "Three issues of Law No. 19,496 in a single case: the applicability to micro and small companies; the independence of infringement action from the compensation action and the expiration period of the legal warranty", Revista Chilena de Derecho Privado, Fernando Fueyo Laneri Foundation (2020).
  • Author of the article “Commentary to two erratic rulings that have granted the compensation for moral damages in class actions. A prelude to its standardization, amount and determination of the payable "common minimum amount" in virtue of Law No. 21,081?”, Revista de Derecho y Consumo, Fernando Fueyo Laneri Foundation (2019).


  • Presenter, IX Conference on Procedural Law, Universidad de los Andes "Consumer associations and their role in collective voluntary procedures and actions to protect the collective or diffuse interest" (2022).
  • Presenter, XII Conference on Consumer Law, Adolfo Ibáñez University “Micro and small companies in their role as consumers. A statute with more doubts than certainties” (2022).
  • Presenter, XI National Conferences of Consumer Law, Universidad Alberto Hurtado: “A practical perspective at the current state of the control of unfair terms” (2021).
  • Presenter, V International Congress of Consumer Law, Universidad Autónoma: “The online alternative dispute resolution  in Law No 19.496. The derogation of individual meditations for the sake of the new Collective Voluntary Procedure” (2020).
  • Presenter, X National Conferences of Consumer Law, Universidad Andrés Bello: “The examination of admissibility at the class actions: A radical normative transition from rigor to simplicity” (2020).


  • Law, Universidad de Chile (Summa Cum Laude).
  • Degree Expert Advisor for Business and People in Consumer Law, Universidad Católica de Chile (best student of the promotion) (2019).
  • Degree in Tort Liability, Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (2020).
  • Course Udpate in Consumer Law: Current problems and perspectives, Universidad de Chile (2020).
  • Master’s Degree in Economy and Consumer Law, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain (2022).


  • Chile (2018).


  • Spanish.

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