Carey has extensive experience advising small, medium and large mining companies, both Chilean and foreign, that exploit all kinds of metallic minerals (copper, molybdenum, silver, gold, and others) and non-metallic minerals (nitrates and others) on all the stages of a project and its implementation, from the beginning of its activities, its full operation, until the end of the cycle with the mine closure.

Carey's team is recognized for its extensive legal knowledge of the mining industry, including the regulatory aspects, with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and modern focus on mining, water and surface rights, environmental, community and related technical aspects, including those that refer to complementary works (ports, pipelines, aqueducts, process installations, etc.).

In addition, the firm has broad experience in the negotiation of mining contracts of all types, including complex agreements related to the financing of mining projects, with a practical and business-oriented approach. The team also has considerable experience in the most diverse litigation related to mining.

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