Corporate Immigration

Carey Visas has offered a full range of immigration services for more than 30 years, including but without limitation assistance in the filing of work permits, work and temporary visas, and permanent resident visas for foreign employees.

The possibility to work jointly with Carey’s Labor, Tax and Corporate practices, among others, allows Carey Visas to provide a comprehensive assistance not limited only to immigration matters but also the analysis of legal employment, social security, tax and corporate matters, arising from the international assignments.

The team is comprised by professionals and lawyers specialized in immigration and who work in association with international immigration law firms, allowing Carey Visas to assist on the relocation of a significant number of employees, managing over a thousand immigration processes per year.

Carey Visas is ISO 9001 certified.


Jarpa, Paulina Yanes, Ignacia Associate
Jarpa, Paulina Jarpa, Paulina Manager of Carey Visas
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