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Carey Energy


Carey has extensive experience advising on energy projects and infrastructure works regarding this industry. Carey´s Energy practice has been part of some of the country’s major energy, gas and oil projects including coal, natural gas, hydroelectric power, LNG projects, solar, wind, geothermal, and FSRU and FSU projects, advising developers and financial entities.

Carey offers a full service including regulatory issues, project development, and negotiation of energy supply agreements, infrastructure use agreements, project financing, mergers and acquisitions and also joint ventures.

The firm has also advised bidders and tenderers in various bidding processes, both public and private, for electricity, gas and oil, as well as for the construction of electric transmission lines.

In the regulatory field, Carey has extensive experience advising members of the Senate and the Ministry of Energy in important bills, such as Law 20/25, the bill to create the “Electric Public Highway” to promote a better transmission capacity, the law that facilitated the SIC – SING interconnection, as well as permanent advice to various trade associations and unions.