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Temporary Residence Visa – Civil Union
August 27, 2015

The Chilean Immigration Department, in use of its faculties, has created a new visa category that allows its holder to reside and carry out any type of licit remunerated activity in Chile.

As such, any person who:

  • Celebrates a marriage abroad, with a Chilean national or foreigner residing in Chile (or requesting a Visa) who cannot register their marriage in Chile as such; or
  • Celebrates an agreement or civil union, either in Chile or abroad, with a Chilean national or foreigner residing in Chile (or requesting a Visa).

may request a Temporary Residence Visa – Civil Union, as main holder. This visa includes same sex marriages, agreements or civil unions.

In order to request this type of visa, the applicant must provide, among others, the corresponding marriage certificate, agreement certificate or civil union certificate, duly legalized before the corresponding Chilean Consulate abroad with jurisdiction over the place of issuance of said document. Likewise, if the document is issued in any language other than English, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese, an official translation must be accompanied.

Jointly with the visa application, which takes approximately three to four months to be approved, it is possible to request a Special Work Permit which will allow the applicant to carry out remunerated activities in Chile once issued (30 - 45 days following the application) until the visa is approved.

The Temporary Residence Visa is granted for a one-year period, after of which the holder may either renew it once or else, opt for Permanent Residence in Chile provided he/she complies with the requirements set forth by the authorities. Should the holder renew the Temporary Residence Visa, upon expiration of said renewal, he/she will be obligated to request Permanent Residence in Chile.

AUTHOR: Óscar Aitken.

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