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Publication of exempt resolutions that modify the fourth Step-by-Step Plan and the Protected Borders Plan
November 2, 2021

On October 29, 2021, the following resolutions were published in the Official Gazette: Exempt Resolution No. 1,080 of the Undersecretary of Public Health amending Exempt Resolution No. 994, of 2021, of the Ministry of Health, which establishes the fourth Step-by-Step Plan; and Exempt Resolution No. 1,079 of the Undersecretary of Public Health, which amends Exempt Resolution No. 672, of 2021, of the Ministry of Health, which establishes the Protected Borders Plan.

The resolution that modifies the Fourth Step-by-Step Plan contains mainly the following modifications:

  • Regarding customs and sanitary controls: Firstly, regional customs and sanitary controls at ports, airports and bus terminals are eliminated, keping only those installed at the country's entry points.In addition, a sanitary passport will no longer be required for interregional traveling, therefore, sanitary passports will no longer be controlled at the sanitary customs, but only the sworn declaration or the documents required to enter the country, if applicable.
  • Regarding physical distance: An exemption to the 1 linear meter physical distance obligation between persons is added in cases where the maximum capacity allowed in an activity without interaction between attendees is 50% greater than the total capacity defined.
  • Regarding the measures for interregional and intercity transportation: Firstly, cruise ships will no longer be prohibited to land in Chilean ports.The criteria for the enforceability of the passengers list for overland trips has changed, being now determined by the trip’s kilometers and not by its duration, being required only when the length of the trip exceeds 200 km.

    The additional requirement of having either an authorized mobility pass, or a negative PCR test performed in Chile, which must not exceed 72 hours, is established for trips exceeding 200 km, and its exhibition must be required by the transport officials or the competent authority by virtue of its supervisory powers, including the documents proving the passenger's identity.

  • Regarding the mobility pass: Before this resolution, all minors were recognized the effects of the mobility pass without having their complete vaccination process, when they were in presence of an adult who had such pass. Now the effects of the pass will only be applied to minors under 12 years of age who meet the above mentioned requirements.

These modifications will be effective as from November 1st, 2021, except for the change regarding physical distance, which will be effective as from October 29.

The resolution that modifies the Protected Boundary Plan incorporates the following changes:

  • Regarding the affidavit: Children under 2 years of age will no longer be exempt from the affidavit to enter the country.
  • Regarding quarantine or isolation: Only in case of entering the country by air, it is allowed not to make the 120-hour quarantine from the customs control upon arrival to Chile, already established for when having a mobility pass, if there is a negative PCR-test result performed at the airport in Chile.
  • Regarding the traveler's follow-up period: The traveler's follow-up period for all persons entering from abroad will no longer be 14 days, but 10 days.
  • Regarding exceptions: Cruise ships are allowed to land in the country's ports, provided that they comply with the following requirements:
    • For arrival in the country, all passengers must have a negative PCR-test result, which must less than 24 hours old; and
    • For subsequent landings in national ports, passengers must have a negative antigen or PCR-test result, which must less than 72 hours old.
    • All passengers, in both cases, must comply with the obligation of a sworn statement, the 10-day travel follow-up period, and, in the case of foreigners, they must also have a Travel Medical Insurance.

These changes will come into effect on November 1st, 2021, except for the authorization for cruise ship calls, which will come into effect on October 29.

AUTHOR: José Ignacio Mercado.

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