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Pro Consumer bill is unanimously approved by the Senate and sent to the Executive for enactment
August 12, 2021

On August 10th, 2021, the Senate unanimously approved the final text of the Pro Consumidor bill - Bulletin No. 12,409-03-. The Bill is known as the "Pro-Consumer Bill", since it amends Law No. 19,496 Consumer Protection Act ("CPA"), seeking to reinforce the rights of consumers and incorporate new obligations for suppliers.

Despite having been approved unanimously by the Senate, several members of the ruling party requested the executive to veto the reformulation of the final paragraph of article 17H of the law, which establishes the prohibition of the application of exclusive discounts associated to a means of payment managed or operated by the same supplier, by a related company or by a company supporting the transaction, which has been called the Bianchi indication.

The remaining content of the bill has already been approved and is pending enactment by the Executive. A detailed brief of the modifications to the CPA are available in this link.

AUTHORS: Guillermo Carey, Aldo Molinari, José Ignacio Mercado, Eduardo Reveco, Elías Mohor, Kureusa Hara.

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