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New Public Tenders of the Ministry of National Assets, for the development of renewable energies
July 21, 2021

With the purpose of promoting the development of clean energies, the Government is preparing new public tenders of State-owned land, to award lots in 20 different properties (see summary table at the end). This offering is significant because more than 40% of the installed capacity in renewable energy generation is on State-owned land. Currently, there are 200 executed contracts for about 80,000 hectares of land for this type of project. For more information about current or opened tenders click here, and for future tenders, click here.

“Reserva Eólica Taltal” is the public tender with the largest number of lots, and the following provides more information on this process.

On December 28, 2020, the Ministry of National Assets (Ministry) approved the definitive Tender Rules for this process (the "Rules"), by means of the Exempt Resolution No. 509. On June 14, 2021, by means of the Exempt Resolution No. 312 the Rules were modified concerning the Evaluation Factors and Weighting of the Offers as well as the Tender Schedule. To review the final text of the Rules (in Spanish), click here.

The Tender Schedule (the "Schedule") establishes a Q&A period which ended on July 14, 2021, and August 6, 2021, as the last date for introducing rectifications, amendments or additions to the Rules, the same day on which the Ministry shall respond in writing to the questions formulated during the Q&A period.

Although the Rules are definitive, they may still be subject to change due to the abovementioned. As of this date, the Rules contain the following information that we expect will be useful to you:

  • 13 State-owned lands to be tendered (25,000 hectares approximately) in the Antofagasta Region, Taltal county, being able to participate for one or more lots, satisfying the criteria established in the Rules.
  • The Concessionaire must develop in the State-owned land a Wind Energy Project that may be supplemented with another renewable energy project and/or energy storage project. The project must comply with a ratio power/surface of 1 MW per each 12 hectares of tendered State-owned land.
  • The submission of the offers will take place from September 8 to September 10, 2021, at 2:00pm, and the public Award Ceremony will take place on October 20, 2021.
  • The Land Concession Contract will have validity of 40 years as of its execution date.

As always, we remain at your full disposal if any further doubt or comment arises in connection to this matter.

No.StatusNameRegionProvince and CountrySurface (ha.)LotsSubmission of Offers / Estimated Call Date
1Open TenderPampa Dos Cruces, Lote AArica y ParinacotaArica50128-07-2021
2Open TenderQuebrada Las LlosyasArica y ParinacotaArica21.47128-07-2021
3Open TenderLoa OesteAntofagastaTocopilla, María Elena27.7113-08-2021
4Open TenderLoa EsteAntofagastaTocopilla, María Elena39.89113-08-2021
5Open TenderEstación Prat PonienteAntofagastaAntofagasta30.12113-08-2021
6Open TenderManto de la LunaAntofagastaTocopilla30.56113-08-2021
7Open TenderBellavista Lagunas 1TarapacáTamarugal, Pozo Almonte25125-08-2021
8Open TenderBellavista Lagunas 2TarapacáTamarugal, Pozo Almonte25125-08-2021
9Open TenderZapiga NorteTarapacáTamarugal, Pozo Almonte28.83125-08-2021
10Open TenderEx Oficina San EnriqueTarapacáTamarugal, Pozo Almonte140.83425-08-2021
11Open TenderBellavista Lagunas 3TarapacáTamarugal, Pozo Almonte27.97125-08-2021
12Open TenderAntofagastaAntofagastaAntofagasta, Taltal23,281.61310-09-2021
13Open TenderAguas BlancasAntofagastaAntofagasta73.1122-09-2021
14Future TenderCerro ChuñoArica y ParinacotaArica683Q42021
15Future  TenderEstación Casa de PiedraAntofagastaAntofagasta1201Q32021
16Future TenderSector LaberintoAntofagastaAntofagasta, Sierra Gorda2,180.681Q32021
17Future TenderSector Ruta B 475AntofagastaAntofagasta1,1511Q22021
18Future TenderQuillaguaAntofagastaTocopilla, María Elena4,9892Q42021
19Future TenderPampa MoctezumaAntofagastaEl Loa, Calama188.81Q32021
20Future TenderEstación PratAntofagastaAntofagasta491Q22021


AUTHORS: Juan Francisco Mackenna, José Miguel Bustamante, Sophia Bobadilla, Carolina Allard.

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