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Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation grants permission to publish and distribute certain databases
June 16, 2020

Within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, this Ministry is in charge of the so called Sub-table, which depends on the Social Table, in order to make data available for predictive, scientific and clinical analysis of the pandemic, contributing to evidence-based decision-making.

During the emergency, various products have been created based on this data, classifying them according to different criteria. To date, the various databases have been progressively published on the Github platform.

In order to promote the use of these data-based products, it was necessary for the Ministry to release them from various copyright restrictions. This was achieved through the granting of a license, which has been based on the legal code released by Creative Commons, adapted under the rights granted by the global, free, non-transferable and non-exclusive public license on that code.

In accordance with the above, the Resolution states that: (i) a global, free, perpetual, non-transferable license is granted for the compilations of data that the ministry makes available to the public through the website, that contain information or data

relacionados con la pandemia COVID-19, (ii) ciertos requisitos con los que debe cumplir el licenciatario al publicar, distribuir, adaptar, extraer reutilizar o utilizar de cualquier forma related to the COVID-19 pandemic, (ii) certain requirements with which the licensee must comply when publishing, distributing, adapting, extracting, reusing or using in any way this data, (iii) the Ministry is not responsible and does not offer guarantees of any kind with respect to the compilations of data and (iv) the duration of the license, grounds for termination and recovery of the license.


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