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Labor Board promotes the suspension of collective bargaining during health emergency
April 3, 2020

On Monday, March 16th, the Labor Board issued Service Order N° 1, which on the option of extending the term for collective bargaining in order to defer the day of voting for a strike.

In this regard, the Service Order encourages the parties involved in collective bargaining that are close to a strike vote to, by mutual agreement, extend the deadline for collective bargaining in accordance with the power established in article 348 of the Labor Code. In this sense, the administrative institution has indicated that the extension should be for a minimum period of two months.

The Labour Board itself has included within the above-mentioned Order, a form called "Minutes of Agreement", which must be signed by both negotiating commissions and sent electronically to the Labor Board's Labor Relations Coordination.

AUTHORS: Oscar Aitken, Francisca Corti, Cristóbal Balic.

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