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EPR Law: Chilean Ministry of the Environment requests information from producers of priority products
May 31, 2024

By means of Exempt Resolution No. 1025 of 2024 (“Res. No. 1025/2024") the Ministry of the Environment issued a request for information to the producers of the following priority products: (i) lubricating oils; (ii) electrical and electronic devices; (iii) batteries; (iv) containers and packaging, including those producers that brought in the market less than 300 kilograms of containers, reusable containers and containers belonging to the category “others”; (v) bicycle tires, wheelchair tires and solid tires; (vi) small batteries; and (vii) newspapers and magazines.

According to Res. No. 1025/2024, producers must report the amount (units, cubic meters and/or tons) of priority products brought in the market during the year 2023. The information must be submitted no later than July 15, 2024, at 2:00 pm, through the EPR-Producer sectorial system of the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register website, by accessing this link.

AUTHORS: Manuel José Barros, Julio Recordon, Raimundo Yáñez.

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