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Chilean health authority announces changes to Protected Borders Plan
December 1, 2021

Dear All,

Recently, and due to a new variant of Covid-19 (Omicron), the Chilean health authority announced new changes to the Protected Borders Plan which enter into force today December 1, 2021.

These changes are the following:

  • The entry of non-resident foreigners (tourists) who have been in the following African countries during the last 14 days is prohibited:
    • South Africa
    • Zimbabwe
    • Namibia
    • Botswana
    • Lesotho
    • Eswatini
    • Mozambique
  • Chileans and foreigners residing in Chile who have been in any of the above mentioned countries during the last 14 days, may enter Chile, complying with the following sanitary measures:
    • Obligatory PCR test to be performed at the point of entry into the country.
    • Mandatory  7-day quarantine, regardless of their vaccination status and negative PCR test.
  • The opening of land crossings of Chacalluta, Pino Hachado and Colchane is postponed.
  • Exemption from taking a PCR test upon entry into the country is postponed to travelers who had booster doses, requiring them to quarantine until a negative result of the PCR test is received, regardless of their vaccination status.

The foregoing may be subject to further modifications in light of the evolution experienced by the Covid-19 outbreak in the national territory.

Kind regards,

AUTHOR: Francisca Corti.

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