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Chilean Environmental Evaluation Service releases new Guide for determining the Environmental Flow for Hydropower Plants
July 8, 2016

The Environmental Evaluation Service (SEIA) has published the “Guide for Determination of the Ecological Flow for Hydropower Plants”.

The objective of the Guide is to establish uniform criteria for determining the environmental flow regime in hydropower plant projects that are evaluated by the SEIA. The Guide incorporates the use of hydrological criteria, valuation of ecosystem services and anthropic uses, while also taking into account the particular project’s specific characteristics.

Within the SEIA process, a project developer may commit to respect an environmental flow regime that is different from the minimum ecological flow fixed by the Water Bureau (DGA) for the water rights that will be used for the project.  The suitability of such flow, to be included in the project’s EIA or DIA, is evaluated within the SEIA process, and then incorporated into the Environmental Qualification Resolution (RCA).

The new Guide is available for review at:

AUTHOR: Alberto Cardemil.

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