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Carey Aviation and Maritime Law

Aviation and Maritime Law

Carey has vast experience with matters ranging from the  registration and de-registration of aircrafts; obtaining certificates for aircraft models not previously registered in Chile; purchase contracts; various forms of leasing (dry lease and wet lease); aircraft and engines financing contracts; restructuring and refinancing, including mortgage novation; and judicial foreclosure and repossession of aircrafts. Carey also has experience with operational issues, such as aviation employment law, and specific taxation of the aviation industry.

The firm provides specialized advice on the construction, purchase, sale, charter, leasing and other financing and refinancing contracts of large ships. The firm’s experience covers maritime operation contracts such as ship cabotage, maintenance and repair, general transport contracts, and international sales of goods. From a judicial perspective, Carey covers the execution of guarantees, bankruptcy of shipping companies, seizures and other injunctions, and disputes relating to insurance over sunken ships. Our clients include shipbuilders, shipping firms, fisheries, banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies.