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Rosario Martínez

Associate Carey Isidora Goyenechea 2800, piso 43, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
tel.+56 2 2928 2381


Member of Carey’s Energy Group. Her professional practice is focused on the assistance for the development of all kind of energy projects, including contracts for the supply of electricity, electric transmission, property and land use permits, community relations, indigenous law, and in general regulatory matters of the energy industry. Also, she has experience in natural resources transactions, in project finance, contracts negotiations, and in civil law, corporate law and commercial law.


  • Law, Universidad Católica de Chile.
  • Master in Globalization Law and Social Integration, University of Navarra, Spain (2012).


  • Author of “Application of Convention No. 169 in Latin America”, TerraLex (2010).
  • Co-author of “Reasonable Expectations and Fiduciary Obligations: Legal Pathways to longer-term Thinking”, International Review,  Centro de Gobierno Corporativo, Universidad Católica de Chile ( 2015).

Activities and Memberships

  • Teaching Assistant of Commercial Law, Universidad Católica de Chile (Since 2007).
  • Assistant, Centro de Gobierno Corporativo, Universidad Católica de Chile.
  • Member of the Chilean Bar Association.


  • Chile (2009).


Spanish and English.

Recent Representative Experience

  • Generadora Trasandina in the bidding process and later acquisition of a biogas generation plant.
  • Hidroeléctrica Las Flores in obtaining financing for the construction, execution and operation of its project.
  • A generation and sale electric energy company in the transfer of property of two hydropower energy plants.
  • A generation and sale electric energy company in the 2014 “SIC 213/03-2°” bidding process, and successful awarding of energy blocks to supply energy to the distribution companies for SIC.
  • Several solar, wind, and hydropower energy companies in the negotiations of the agreements related with the development of their projects in Chile.

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