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Maximiliano Portales

Associate Carey Isidora Goyenechea 2800, piso 43, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
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Member of Carey’s Criminal Law Group. His practice is mainly focused on compliance, anti-corruption and corporate crime risk management. In addition, he has previous experience in the certification of anti-corruption and compliance models.


  • Law, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (2011).
  • LL.M in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland (2013).
  • Certificate in Compliance, International Compliance Association, Manchester Business School, United Kingdom (2014).
  • Degree in Compliance, Universidad Católica de Chile (2015).


Author of “Penal Mediation and the Principles of the Rule of Law’’, Internet Journal of Restorative Justice, London (2014).

Activities and Memberships

Teaching Assistant of Economic Crime Law, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (2011).


Chile (2012).


Spanish and English.

Recent Representative Experience

  • Grupo Sencorp on the design, development and assistance in the implementation of a tailored compliance program for one of the largest multinational Chilean-based construction and real-estate holdings. After conducting an in-depth assessment of the holding’s businesses and activities, we designed a comprehensive compliance program abiding by both mandatory anti-money laundering and terrorism financing obligations under the Chilean Intelligence Unit, plus all controls under the Chilean Corporate Criminal Liability Act.
  • The local subsidiary of one of the largest IT corporations worldwide on a risk-based assessment of the client’s operations mitigating its exposure to bribery, money laundering and terrorism financing risks. Carey adjusted an existing global compliance program to abide to local anticorruption thresholds. Carey’s team designed effective policies for “know your customer”, whistleblowers, facilitation payments, gifts/entertainment, hospitality, political and charitable contributions and lobbying.
  • The Chilean branch of a multinational pharmaceutical corporation on an on-site review of their local compliance program, including all applicable global anti-corruption policies and controls; local supplements when existing; templates and/or anti-corruption tools; past trainings and materials; compliance and anti-corruption department.